About: Artist Profile

As an artist based in the north of Scotland, I feel fortunate to be surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes that inspire my creations. My artistic journey has been dedicated to capturing the essence of Sikhi through fine art.
 I believe in creating art that resonates with the youth and enables children to understand their identity and heritage in a meaningful way. Through my artwork, I strive to bridge the gap between tradition and modernity, creating pieces that speak to both the timeless wisdom of Sikh teachings and the contemporary world.

A significant part of my work involves conducting workshops and events worldwide. I am actively involved in Sikh camps and retreats, where I offer immersive experiences centered around Sikh history, the importance of Gurbaani calligraphy, the history of Sikh artistry, and using art as a form of meditation. These workshops aim to inspire individuals to explore their creativity, deepen their understanding of Sikhi and develop a spiritual connection through artistic expression.

My work has been exhibited in various galleries and cultural events, both nationally and internationally. Through these exhibitions, I have had the privilege of engaging with diverse audiences, sparking conversations and connecting with people across the globe.

Through my artwork and workshops, I hope to inspire individuals to connect with their heritage, deepen their spiritual journey, and find solace in the beauty of Sikh art.

Join me on this artistic odyssey as we celebrate the strength of Sikhi, embrace our cultural heritage and embrace the transformative power of art.