Aura of Light – 10 Gurus

Aura of Light – 10 Gurus


This artwork features the 10 Gurus with an aura of light emerging from Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The intricate floral border is packed with pastel blooms, leaves and fine detail and compliments the full Shabad written in the focus of the artwork:

‘Aukhee gharee na dhekhan dheiee apanaa biradh samaale’

‘He does not let his devotees go through times. This is the lords nature.’

‘Haath dhei raakhai apane kau saas saas pratipaale ||1||’
‘Giving his hand, the lord protects his devotee. With each and every breath, he cherishes him’

Size A4 –  21 x 29 cm

Size A3 – 30 x 42 cm

Size A2 – 42 x 59 cm

Large – 80 x 60 cm – please select ‘Canvas’ to enable this size option

Extra Large –  100 x 75cm – please select ‘Canvas’ to enable this size option

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Size – A4, Size – A3, Size – A2, Size – Large, Size – Extra Large


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