Making a path to Guru Sahib – Stone Painting

Making a path to Guru Sahib – Stone Painting
April 8, 2020 Dilmeet

Making a path to Guru Sahib - Stone Painting Activity

For this activity you will need:

Learn the qualities of a Sikh!

Sat – Truth

Santokh – Contentment

Dheya – Compassion

Nimrita – Humility

Pyar – Love

Kirat Karo – Work Hard

Vand Shako – Share what you have

Naam Japo – Meditate on Vaheguru

Paint and decorate your stones using the qualities above! Once dry, create a path to Guru Ji in your Garden! Send in your pictures via instagram @dilmeet.kaur or email, including your child’s name, age and city for your children’s artwork to be featured on our page

  1. Take your stone, wash dry and place onto tissue paper or newspaper 
  2. Draw your chosen design, words or pattern onto the stone using a marker pen
  3. Paint onto your stone, try to keep your brush dry to avoid the colours running. When you have washed you paintbrush to change colour, use your tissue paper to dry the brush before applying the next colour. This will help to keep your stone clean and easy to paint on!
  4. Glaze your stone with a varnish to protect them from the rain if you are placing them outdoors
  5. Find a creative way to display your stones! You can create a path, put them around plant pots or have them on display around the garden!
  6. When placing your stones, sit down and discuss with a grown up the meanings of the words above or those which you have written
  7. Be sure to send in your photos and share your work with friends and family!
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