Build your own Gurdwara Sahib!

Build your own Gurdwara Sahib!
April 6, 2020 Dilmeet

Build your own Gurdwara - Khalsa Crafts!

Create your own Gurdwara and Nishan Sahib! Send in your creations to be featured on our page! For this project you will require:

1 . Take your cereal box and open all edges. Once flattened, face the printed side down and paint/colour the inside your chosen colour!

2 . Once Dry, add windows, a door and any other features you wish your Gurdwara Sahib to have. Now assemble your box back together, using glue or sticky tape. You should now have a standing building! Get extra creative – add a dome, tiles, curtains or maybe sangat inside the windows!

3 . Now onto our Nishan Sahib! Take your kitchen roll tube and paint it a colour of your choice. (If you don’t have a kitchen roll tube, simply roll a piece or card and sticky tape into a tube shape. You can also use a skewer as the flag pole).

Design your Nishan Sahib on a piece of paper. Cut and glue this onto your flag pole

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