Children’s Art Gallery

Children’s Art Gallery
April 10, 2020 Dilmeet

Children's Art Gallery

Akaal Kaur age 7 & Jodh Kaur age 5 from Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

‘Akaal Kaur (age 7) and Jodh Kaur (age 5) were so excited doing this art piece as we are also using it as part of our Vaisakhi decorations at home! They created a scene of the Panj Pyaaray standing with a Nishaan Sahib and bata of Amrit with a Khanda and Pathaasay.’

Sahaae Kaur, age 3, Surrey BC

‘We used a paper cup, paper plate, paper straw and some playdough to hold it all together and dadda made the chand’

Japneet Kaur, age 5, London

Bata, khanda and amrit which is represented by florals and love hearts

Ishwar Kaur, age 7Boston, USA

Guru Sahib receiving Amrit

Balnoor Kaur & Gurfateh Singh, Ages 7 & 4, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Jasmaan Singh 7 years old Singapore

Nishan Sahib Model

Simran Kaur Age 11 England

Riya Kaur Age 9 Buckinghamshire

Japjeevan Kaur, age 9, Leamington Spa UK

Sehj Singh, Age 4, Hitchin

Arjun Singh, London

Gurdwara Sahib Model

Traebhavan-Maheep Kaur, Age 3, Birmingham

Pavan Singh, Age 14, Manchester UK

Saran Kaur age 13 Birmingham UK

5 pyaray painted on stones

Saroop Singh Age 11 Buckinghamshire – Poem on the beloved 5

Rajveer Singh, age 7, Glasgow UK

Gurtegh Singh, Age 11, Nottingham UK

Gurpreet Singh, Age 13 years, Jammu India

Sukhdev Singh, Age 3, Scotland

Veera Kaur, Age 3, Manchester UK

Karendeep Kaur Samra, Age 10 and Sarendeep Kaur Samra, Age 6, Oldbury UK

Renaya Bisla, Age 8, Dudley UK

Dharvesh Singh Digwa, Age 10, Southampton UK

Veera Kaur, Age 3, Manchester UK

Eesher Kaur, Age 5

Nirankar Kaur, Age 3, Southampton UK

Kulvinder Kaur, Age 12, Edinburgh

Kulveer Kaur, Age 8, Edinburgh

Yuvraj Singh Sangha, Age 4, Wolverhampton UK

Siya Thapar, Age 6, London

Ashmeet Kaur, Age 8, Scotland
Gursimran Kaur Chumber, Aged 11, Wolverhampton UK

Luvpreet Singh, Age 13, Birmingham UK

Sukhpreet Kaur, Age 11, Birmingham UK

Amrit Kaur, Age 14, Glasgow

Daya Kaur, Age 10

Jasleen Kaur, Age 8, Bognor regis UK 
Riya Kaur Ubhi Aged 12 Romford, Essex
Kirpa kaur and Joban Kaur, Ages 7 and 9, Derby UK
Gurchetan Kaur, Age 5, London 
Mohkam Singh, Age 3 years, London 
Subheg Singh Dhaliwal, Age 8, Gravesend, Kent, UK
Subheg Singh Dhaliwal, Age 8, Gravesend, Kent, UK
Gyaan Singh, Age 6, London 
Harleen Kaur, Age 9, London
Karam Channa, Age 4, London
Maiya Kaur Dhaliwal, age 10 years, Gravesend, Kent, UK
Maiya Kaur Dhaliwal, age 10 years, Gravesend, Kent, UK
Sahibdeep Singh, age 9, Leicester UK
Harroop Singh, Age 7, Leicester UK
Mahi Kaur, age 14, New Delhi
Keerat Kaur, age 6, Wolverhampton UK
Agampreet Singh, age 8, Wolverhampton UK
Samraj Singh, age 8 and Jaden Singh, age 9, Smethwick UK
Harleen Kaur Binning, age 6, Birmingham UK
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